Meet The Artist
My love for art and nature has been present throughout my life. Like most children, I took great pleasure drawing and painting pictures, although everything, including "mud pies," had to be neat and orderly. I made my own coloring books, and happily colored in what I had drawn. Some of my precious collections included sea shells, rocks, geodes, tree bark and other items from nature. Adoring their natural beauty, as I have explained in my Sculpted Organics website, I was always looking for objects from nature to paint or draw, and I marveled at the uniqueness within each piece.

A lifetime ago, while in a medical program to become a respiratory therapist, I found that drawing anatomical illustrations of human anatomy were easy, and they seemed to be appreciated by my instructors. As artistic mediums were introduced, I loved them all, and most of which I continue to use today. They include; ink, glass, wood, metal, plastic, paper pulp (to make paper), wax (to bronze) and clay for sculpting. Several of these mediums have opened doors to artistic challenges, such as painting, (or sculpting) the portraits of some of the band directors in the concert bands, in which I am, or have been, one of the flutists

As a wife and mother of four sons, and grandmother to 10 grandchildren, five boys and five girls; I have naturally helped my husband and children with, and produced, countless art projects. While owning a travel business, graphic design, illustrations and layouts became paramount. I was also able to utilize my artistic skills to teach art related activities in the classrooms of our sons, in their organizations, and in my own; as well as teaching adult and children's art programs. Through the years, I have been fortunate to win several art contests, and to have been the recipient of art awards. As a working artist, I feel I have a great deal more to explore and express. I love the third dimension, producing sculptures, as I have stated; however, portrait drawing and painting can quickly capture and convey a variety of moods, in various depictions, from the same subject.

The pictures shown below are examples of a few of the projects in which I have been involved and they also include a personal look with grandson Noah. I am available for commissioned work, for almost every artistic endeavor presented, and I would love to know your thoughts regarding my website. Please contact me: